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98% of customers agree:
An on-site interpreter was better than other options

*survey data collected Jan-Mar 2023

Get the full story

Your clients want to tell you in their own words. Create seamless interactions that feel natural and help you get the details you need.

Comply with the law

Avoid investigations and fines for alleged discrimination. All businesses open to the public are required to make reasonable accommodations for persons with a disability. Healthcare facilities are required to provide interpreters for patients with limited English proficiency.

Grow your connection

Leverage the expertise of local professionals. Local interpreters know their community and become more effective as they get to know you and your clients.

*These are real reviews from our clients, but shown anonymously because all of our interpreting work is confidential.

Licensed & Insured

Our interpreters meet regulatory requirements to interpret. American Sign Language interpreters must maintain an active listing with Michigan Licensing and Regulatory Affairs. Qualification requires performance-based assessments, and maintenance includes meeting continuing education hours.


Over 38 years of service to Midland, Bay City, Saginaw, and beyond. Tens of thousands of interpreting hours rendered to hundreds of organizations. Countless connections.


Interpreting services are covered by regulations that protect patient and consumer privacy, such as HIPAA. We employ administrative, physical, and technical safeguards to maintain patient and client confidentiality. Interpreters are additionally required by state regulatory agencies to maintain the privacy of your clients.

Interpreting Services

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