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We advance equal access to individuals with disabilities and enable effective communication for the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing.

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Message From Our Director

Reflecting on how many lives VOICE has been able to touch and support over the past decade, I am extremely proud of what has been achieved. What excites me even more is the perspective of supporting and touching even more lives by helping them live independently with inclusion, access, and advocacy always present. We have successfully empowered individuals to make independent choices through communication and advocacy and will continue to do so.

Teamwork and collaboration are very strong principals at VOICE. We work hard to have a positive culture and friendly environment to work in. Our most important asset is caring and talented staff. Training and staff development is a top priority for the future. By developing qualified, compassionate individuals and working collaboratively throughout the community, we will ensure that individuals feel like they have equal access and places which they are able to make independent choices and life changing decisions. We will tirelessly advocate when the need arises. Finally, we all will purposefully use our knowledge to help examine and develop processes and new ideas which will enhance our overall company goals.

Caring people doing caring work. That is what I like to think of VOICE doing every single day. We have a diverse range of services which allows individuals to lead dignified lives while enjoying full inclusion within the community. By combining our services and talented staff we are able to support those we serve and continue changing lives and improving the world one day at a time.


Staci Garcia
Executive Director